Every small business owner should know the potential selling price of his or her business.

Your BizNumber™ evaluation is designed solely for the individual business owner as a reference point. It is NOT a comprehensive valuation or appraisal.  This service is a Brokers Opinion of Value for a potential selling price of a business.  Any prospective seller is advised to consult with, as appropriate, certified appraisers, tax accountants or legal counsel prior to offering, selling or entering into any agreement to sell their business.

The financial and resource information used for your BizNumber evaluation will be provided by the client and sources identified by the client. It will not be verified by YourBizNumber or its partner offices. YourBizNumber makes no representations, promises or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of such information or the impact upon YourBizNumber’s work product.

All information will be maintained in the strictest confidence and returned to client, unless specified otherwise in writing.